What does it cost?

Across the spectrum of healthcare each practitioner and patient has different needs. We pride ourselves on providing flexible consulting options and support services tailored to suit your practice.

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Contract Options

All our Licences carry the same monthly fee of £104, which covers all the facilities you require to run a private practice.

The examples below will give you a broad idea of costs:

Sessional Use Licence

This gives you an enormous choice of facility and cost, with rates ranging from £18.00 per hour to £71.00 per hour at peak times.

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Here, you book a room at the same time each week. Each session lasts four hours during the day and three hours during the evening. You have the option to select a room you prefer and if available, we can reserve this room for you and you pay according to its size, location and time of use.

Dr Smith, a Dermatologist, holds a weekly clinic and prefers to use a small clinical room.

A 4 hour session on a Tuesday afternoon (peak time) costs £136 per session, so Dr Smith pays £102 per month Licence fee, plus his weekly room rate. His total cost is therefore £691 per month.

For one year, a clinic once a week at Ten Harley Street will cost him only £8,295 at peak times. At off-peak times, the same room may cost as little as £4,750.
If Dr Smith needs additional hours, he can book a room on an hourly rate, which under this contract benefits from preferential rates.

Occasional Use Option

Depending on when you use the House, you pay either £51.00 off peak or £56.00 per hour at peak times, charged in quarter-hour units.

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Ms Jones, an Osteopath, requires only 2 hours room usage per month. She uses a consulting room with a hydraulic couch. Her patients prefer to visit at weekends or in the evenings after work, off peak times.

For the first 2 months she pays just the licence fee of £102. Thereafter, she pays £102 plus two hours at £46.00 per hour, which is £194 per month.

For one year an occasional room in Harley Street will cost just £2,328.

Committed Hours Option

This Licence gives you all the flexibility of the Occasional option, but allows you to enjoy a scale of discounts – the more time you commit to buy, the lower the hourly rate.

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Ms Johnson is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who sees a number of patients each month but due to her NHS commitments she cannot commit to a fixed session time.
Therefore she agrees to use at least 22 hours each month, usually off-peak hours.

She pays only £35.25 per hour for those committed hours, rather than £42.00 (occasional rate). Her monthly commitment is £877.50, which includes the £102 Licence fee.

For one year 22 committed hours per month in Harley Street will cost only £10,530.00.

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